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Problem Statement 15-25: "Linking artisanal fisheries to terrestrial animal conservation"

Many small scale fisheries impact other threatened wildlife. These fisheries, in remote areas can potential offer conservation benefits for endangered species. This is true for ornamental fisheries where they protect intact ecosystems. However, poor public perception of the home aquarium fish trade threatens the existence of model fisheries which are integral forces for the conservation of regions of biological importance. Connecting hobbyists, zoo/aquarium visitors, and the general public with these communities is necessary for their survival. Linking these fisheries to larger conservation benefits is a way to create value in addition to the trade of wildlife.

Problem Statement
Promote and protect subsistent fisheries which provide protection to IUCN RedList species and the habitats in which they live. Create an app that can link subsistence fisheries with endangered species for education of the protection of integrated ecosystems.

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New England Aquarium

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Founder of Project Piaba

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