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Problem Statement 15-24: "Create a simplified catch/bycatch data collection system for Sri Lanka."

In Sri Lanka as in many parts of the developing world, fisheries catch data is unreliable. Biggest issues include low sampling coverage, poor species identification, and a lack of details on the fish caught and gear used. In some cases fisheries inspectors are known to fill in paperwork without even visiting the landing sites perhaps because they have to fill about 4 separate datasheets. Also, the two authorities that engage in data collection use different protocol thereby yielding different estimates. Fisherman are hesitant to log data on multiday fishing vessels largely because the existing system is not user friendly. The current system also requires the transcription of data from the logbooks of fishermen and inspectors to a database that then has to be checked and validated. Current systems do not provide precise catch data on the Sri Lankan fisheries.

As such, the data available for analysing and documenting the trend of fisheries in the island are poor.

Problem Statement
The biggest problem relates to unreliability of fisheries catch and effort data upon which to conduct fisheries statistics. We believe that there is an opportunity to streamline and standardise the system, reduce the paperwork, reduce error by having data upload directly into a database, provide a identification key that requires minimal training to use, have a system through which unknown species can be photographed and automatically sent to a centralised system for identification, have a user friendly system that encourages fishermen to upload data to the system, and have a system that automatically increases accountability.

Additional Background
This document 'Fisheries data collection and reporting system in Sri Lanka' will provide more insight into the problems of the existing system.

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Fisheries Management

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The Sri Lankan Blue Whale Project and The University of California Santa Cruz

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131 WAD Ramanayake Mw, Colombo 2, Sri Lanka and 100 Shaffer road, Santa Cruz, CA 95060, USA

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Asha de Vos

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Data Collection

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