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Problem Statement 15-23: "Develop a passive visual fish recognition system for recreational fishers."

NOTE: This is a featured problem statement. Featured problem statements have been qualified for post-Fishackathon engagement by both the submitting party and by our expert panel. While all of the submitted problem statements qualify for the prizes, these have vetted for contunuation beyond the event itself.

In recreational fisheries, it's common for well-intentioned amateurs to violate regulations because they have mis-identified their catch. Potentially, techniques similar to those used in facial-recognition could be used to identify species of fish. 'Fishal' recognition? If it were possible, anglers could correctly follow the regs, and the data, with GPS coordinates, could supplement scientific surveys.

Problem Statement
How could we identify a fish species at sea with minimal user participation using a mobile phone or tablet?

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NOAA Fisheries

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55 Great Republic Dr.

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Torey Adler

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IT Specialist

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Fisheries Management

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