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Problem Statement 15-21: "Develop a crowd/community sourced fisheries monitoring and enforcement system."

NOTE: This is a featured problem statement. Featured problem statements have been qualified for post-Fishackathon engagement by both the submitting party and by our expert panel. While all of the submitted problem statements qualify for the prizes, these have vetted for contunuation beyond the event itself.

Illegal, Unreported, and Unregulated fishing (IUU) is a major global problem that is present in all fisheries from the high seas to coastal zones impacting everyone from the consumer, to businesses, to governments, to coastal communities. IUU damages ecosystems, undermines livelihoods, and is often associated with other serious problems such as drug trafficking, human slavery, organized crime and maritime security. Governments, NGOs, and industry actors—including many partners and allies of WWF—are working hard to end the scourge of IUU, and are winning some important battles but the problem is far from solved. The key drivers of IUU fishing are profits and inadequate controls. Valued at an estimated $23 billion a year, illegal fishing is too easy as stolen products from the sea invisibly enter into legitimate seafood supplies. Through any credible approach, it is difficult to estimate with certainty the rates of IUU fishing as the activity by its very nature is concealed by those who hide their illegal activities from authorities. The following described project is intended to address the issue of IUU through community empowerment and technology.

Problem Statement
This project would incorporate the general simplified features of a recordkeeping and reporting software, with dropdown boxes and selection criteria where necessary to improve data quality. The system would be accessed by either an internet portal or through a downloadable app. Filters could be placed by designers that would ensure the quality, utility, and integrity of the data. It could also be integrated with social media such as Facebook or Instagram. Data from the system would be instantaneously uploaded to a database system maintained at a central location that could be accessed by anyone to conduct analysis, providing a first of its kind open-source system for analysis of fishing vessel activity.
Goals and Objectives
Goal 1: Achieve Sustainable Tuna Fisheries in the Western Central Pacific Ocean Region.
Goal 2: Empower communities to engage in community-based Fisheries Monitoring and Enforcement.
Goal 3: The Public Becomes Better Informed About Fisheries Management and Sustainability.
Objective 1: Partner with a software development firm to develop an internet databasing system for inputting and monitoring information on fishing vessels and activity.
Objective 2: Produce an internet accessible or downloadable app that is able to accept a variety of information including vessel ID, vessel photographs, and vessel activity at sea and in port in a simplified, visual, and logical way.
Objective 3: Incorporate basic algorithms that filter data to ensure the quality, utility, and integrity of the information provided, making it useful and defensible in fisheries monitoring and enforcement applications.
Objective 4: Incorporate the internet site and application into social media platforms that publicize and distribute the system.

Additional Background
Society and tuna populations in the Western Central Pacific Ocean will directly benefit from this project. The outcomes will include the development of a novel, innovative, and groundbreaking databasing platform usable as an enforcement and monitoring tool for fisheries managers as well as an educational tool for the public. Potential users/beneficiaries include:
• Public citizens and stakeholders interested in the fisheries management process.
• Government and Industry managers engaged in the official fisheries management process.
• Government agencies, industry, and NGOs interested in preventing and deterring IUU fishing.

Core Category
Fisheries Management; Conservation

Organization Name
World Wildlife Fund

Organization Address
1250 24th St NW, Washington, DC 20037

Organization Point of Contact (Name)
Catherine Plume

Organization Point of Contact (Title)
Managing Director, Coral Triangle Program

Organization Point of Contact (Phone Number)
+1 (202) 495-4511

Organization Point of Contact (Email Address)

Focus Area
Data Collection

Solution Category


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