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Problem Statement 15-15: "Inform fishers of all areas where chemical weapons and ammunition have been dumped in the world's oceans."

Background on Sustainable Fishing Issue
Over the course of many years, the disposal of chemical weapons and ammunition into the ocean has created dead zones or will create dead zones upon the weapons’ containers corroding, releasing toxic materials. Ammunition is made in part from lead which is highly toxic to fish.

Problem Statement
I would like to challenge the hacker group to create a technology that can map these dumping zones will help fishermen avoid these areas and encourage developed countries to excavate the weapons from the ocean to enable a more sustainable ocean environment.

Core Category
Traceability; Conservation

Organization Name
U.S. Department of State

Organization Address
2201 C Street, NW, Washington, D.C. 20520

Organization Point of Contact (Name)
Dr. Nancy Jackson

Organization Point of Contact (Title)
Franklin Fellow

Organization Point of Contact (Phone Number)
(202) 647-3537

Organization Point of Contact (Email Address)

Focus Area

Solution Category


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