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Problem Statement 15-6: "A tool to provide sourcing information and access to local, sustainable seafood."

NOTE: This is a featured problem statement. Featured problem statements have been qualified for post-Fishackathon engagement by both the submitting party and by our expert panel. While all of the submitted problem statements qualify for the prizes, these have vetted for contunuation beyond the event itself.

Seafood Smart and the National Aquarium define sustainable seafood as seafood harvested or farmed in a manner that can maintain or increase healthy production for the long term, without endangering the health of our watershed and ocean ecosystems.

Making sustainable seafood choices is about supporting solutions for healthier oceans. Choosing sustainable seafood is an easy and effective action that the consumer can make with every seafood purchase given the right information, resources and technology. Whether you are an individual who shops for your family, a chef who offers seafood on your menu, or a supplier sourcing from fishing communities, your choices count. Voting with your wallet sends a strong signal to government and industry leaders, telling them that you support responsible stewardship of our natural aquatic resources.

Problem Statement:
The Seafood Supply Chain is in great transition and tasked with addressing the (social, environmental and economic) problems associated with seafood supply and demand. Depredating systems and practices can still occur as long as fish that are poorly managed or illegally harvested find a place in the consumer marketplace. If the Seafood Consumer has the opportunity to be fully informed in their purchasing power, consumers create a market that demands sustainable seafood and rewards watermen and harvesters who are choosing sustainability at the heart of their business. The National Aquarium’s Seafood Smart program will assist consumers in navigating the realm of our regional and local seafood while promoting sustainable change using market-based instruments and a supply-chain approach. We seek to design and implement a tool that can easily integrate into current marketplaces that will drive social and economic change surrounding seafood choices. This development will provide information, access and local, sustainable seafood sourcing for users.

Core Category
Traceability; Conservation

Organization Name
National Aquarium

Organization Address
501 East Pratt Street Baltimore, Maryland 21202

Organization Point of Contact (Name)
TJ Tate

Organization Point of Contact (Title)
Director of Seafood Sustainability

Organization Point of Contact (Phone Number)

Organization Point of Contact (Email Address)

Focus Area

Solution Category


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    If you are working on this problem statement (15-6), please shoot TJ a quick note at to let her know. We have great experts in Baltimore and are happy to answer questions or provide feedback at any time during the Fishackathon, or check in to see how your thought and design processes are going.

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    To anyone working on this problem statement (15-6), we have three excellent judges (Dana Hanna - software architect at R2Integrated; Alan Levine - senior IT/business leader with expertise on creative user experience; John Rorapaugh - sustainability director at Profish with 30+ years in the food service and seafood industry) with us on Sunday, June 7 in Baltimore.

    The judges WANT to hear what solutions you've created and provide helpful feedback as you finalize your projects. This is your chance to also engage directly with the owners of the problem statement, the National Aquarium.

    Please reply here if you want to sign up for a 15-20 minute slot between 9am-11am ET on Sunday - we welcome you to informally pitch your project over Google hangout and look forward to hearing from you!

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    Chattanooga is working on this problem, more details to come soon!

  •   •   over 8 years ago

    That's great to hear, Ben! We know there's at least one team in Baltimore and one in Miami working on this. It'll be really interesting to see how the different teams respond to the unique challenges of each ecosystem from freshwater to marine to estuary, and community/state/federal fisheries!

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    Found this supplier map which might be of interest to those digging into regional seafood

  •   •   over 8 years ago

    Also, Future of Fish has done some work in creating fish with a story:

    Some similar developments online:

  •   •   over 8 years ago

    Can we jump on a quick hangout and bounce some ideas off you guys?

  •   •   over 8 years ago

    Hi Ben, feel free to call TJ at 9046698894.

  •   •   over 8 years ago

    TJ has spoken with a number of teams who are working on this problem statement across the country. (Are there any international teams out there?) Please make sure your submission is uploaded by 10am Eastern time on Sunday, and be available between 10am-12pm so we can add you to the Google hangout to present your project.

    The Baltimore judges will review all submissions for 15-6 regardless of your location!

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    For all those working on problem 15-6, please have uploaded by 10am EST so that we can start presentations. We have the Google Hangout currently open and can also Skype. Or feel free to contact me at 904.669.8894 Thanks all!!

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    The Shellcatch+AmigoCloud is working on this! Video (sorry the narration is in spanish):

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