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Problem Statement 15-3: "Recording of catch & bycatch in compliance with geographic / regional reporting requirements"

Well managed fisheries require proper recording of catch and bycatch, compliant with local rules. However, for fishers and observers it is hard to know all species and reporting needs while at sea. Bycatch species names are often difficult to find, and reporting duties change over reporting areas. FAO of the UN has developed the SmartForms Android App for ByCatch reporting and seeks support to improve the species name service using the BiOnym WPS service.

Connectivity at sea is a problem, and we expect names to be filled only partially at sea; with SmartForms we anticipate that the observations will be completed in a two stage recording process; one stage off-line, and the validation on-line.

Problem Statement:
We propose a mobile exploitation of BiOnym (BiOnym now records an impressive 20.000 uses per month of this iMarine tool) and the new service that returns the ‘area’ of your location.

Develop a set of services that assist fishers and observers to report the correct name of a species. This requires the integration of several existing services in SmartForms;

A location context discovery (In what EEZ / VME / FAO area is my location)
BiOnym Scientific name disambiguation service; and include the results as an option list in the app (e.g. the top-10 names found with a string, user picks one)
Add an area-aware species indicator to BiOnym return values; when presenting the user with probable names, include the probability of occurrence in the specified location, based on e.g. AquaMaps and FAO species distribution maps.
In addition to the likelihood of occurrence, the area specific queries in the future can also include specific measures for that species in that location. We can then raise an alert if we have an encounter.

Additional Background
BiOnym at iMarine

CNR (owner of iMarine platform ) will soon release WPS features that can handle location based queries (Bullet one above)

Bullet 2 would be a call with a string (‘Gadis Morhua’) that returns the Top ten names based on predefined settings (no user interface) to an app. We need such a service, as there are too many species names are too long to be included in an app.

Bullet 3 combines 1 and 2 in BiOnym ‘output’? E.g. to inform if the observation point falls in species distribution map probability (and exclude unlikely results from the list presented to users)

Core Category:
Conservation; Traceability

Organization Name
FAO/FI Department & CNR (Italy)

Organization Address

Organization Point of Contact (Name)
Anton Ellenbroek

Organization Point of Contact (Email Address)

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